Water-based lubes are diverse and dynamic; they come in a wide range of consistencies and textures ranging from thin and slippery to thick, cushiony gel. If you’re unsure of what a product’s consistency will be, you can tilt the bottle slowly from side to side. If it moves easily and looks watery, it’s most likely going to be a thinner lube. If it doesn’t budge easily, it will probably be more gel-like. If your water-based lube dries up as you’re using it -- as water-based lubes do -- you can revive it with a little bit of water or a dab of saliva.

Our top water-based recommendations are: Sliquid H2O, Sliquid Organics, Sliquid Sassy, Aloe Cadabra, and Naturally Yours. All of Sliquid’s products are vegan, hypoallergenic, and free of gluten, glycerin, glycol, and parabens. The quality of their products is excellent, and essentially entirely natural, if that’s a point of concern for you. We will note that their Organics line contains aloe, so if you’re allergic, you should avoid that. For most folks, though, Sliquid is a very body-safe option for water-based lube. Also, although Sliquid Sassy was manufactured with anal penetration in mind, it’s simply a thicker, more gel-like version of Sliquid’s basic H2O formula that can be used for any type of sex.

Part 4 Will cover Hybrid lubes  

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